• Our Vision
  • To be one of the leading construction firms capable of delivering world-class performance and high quality services
  • Our Mission
  • To provide society with high quality projects through efficiency and professionalism designed to enhance and uplift every community's way of life for a better future
  • Quality Policy
  • Phesco Incorporated is committed to provide our clients with high quality infrastructures, delivered on-time that meet or exceed all interested party's requirements and expectations. in pursuit of this, we are dedicated to the following core values.
  • The Phesco Story
  • A Leading General Construction Firm
  • Phesco Inc. a "AAA" category contractor established in 1945, has distinguished itself as a leading general construction firm, with services that range from electrical and technical works, power construction, industrial works, building and site development, environmental management to telecommunications.
  • Top-notch Industrial Experience

  • Remarkable Qualified Expertise

  • Achieved Global Community Growth

  • Improved Safe Green Energy

  • Our Core Values
  • We Create Satisfaction
  • We are committed in complying with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems to achieve total customer satisfaction.
  • R esponsibility
    We practice personal ownership approach on all projects to produce high quality infrastructures that fully satisfy our customers.
  • E nergetic and Highly Motivated
    Ensure high employee morale to bring out the best in our staff and to ensure that they are highly energetic and motivated.
  • A ttention to Health and Stability
    Ensure welfare of employee by focusing on health and working stability
  • T eamwork
    We promote total coordination and cooperation among all processes / personnel and see to it that everybody understands one's value to the organization.
  • E xhibit Honesty and Loyalty
    Ensures employee understanding our core values enabling to them live up to expectations built in around honesty and loyalty.
  • Environmental, Safety, and Health Policy
  • Safer Green Energy

We are committed to manage and continually improve safety, health and environmental performance with the overall goal of having no injury or occupational illnesses to people, no damage to property and preventing pollution to the environment.